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Jason Kildall

Event Planner

Jason Kildall has been planning events and weddings since 1997 establishing him as a premier event planner and designer for clients throughout the Pacific Northwest. 

Jason recently opened his showroom in April 2023 providing linens table service rentals and more including a retail space focused on entertaining and special occasions leveraging his experiences in the fashion and beauty industry and fundraising sector.

His dedication and passion are reflected in his desire to do better, be better and to always learn to know better in serving his clients.

Alissa Molineux

Executive Assistant / Event Planner

Alissa is a highly skilled strategist with enormous discipline and desire for perfection.  Her superpower is taking an idea and turning it into reality through production and execution.

She has run high end retail platforms and honed her leadership skills under nationally branded hospitality focused companies.

Fuzion Events
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